Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Seb : Introduction

I'm excited to be joining the Margate Games residency in the run up to the Geek Festival this year. I'll be documenting my progress on this blog, and before work starts in earnest I thought I'd write as short post to introduce myself.

I have a long history of making hugely popular games on the web, and it's a natural progression to take this work to a larger scale. All of my work aims to create a sense of playability, whether it’s laser generated fireworks or a full size arcade cabinet connected to a hand made drawing robot.

Lunar Trails at BOZAR, Brussels

I loved visiting Margate when I was a kid - I was crazy about roller coasters, and it was the nearest theme park to where I lived in South London.

It’s sad that Dreamland has fallen into disrepair, but I’m excited about plans for its regeneration. I’m looking forward to visiting Margate again to see which memories it triggers, and if there are any feelings from my childhood visits I can recreate.

I have a lot of tools at my disposal; addressable RGB LED strips, plotters, a system to synchronise phones called PixelPhones, motion detection, projectors, and more. I’d like to explore how I can use these digital tools to cultivate a sense of play in groups of people, particularly on how to bring people out of themselves.

Or I may just come up with something completely new!

PixelPhones synchronises all the phones in the audience to create patterns and games (Photo by Hugo Fernandes)

This residency is a chance to take the things I’ve learned and apply them to a new experimental project. A project that is fast, agile and has immediate rewards. A project that gets me out of my studio and working with other people. But most of all, a project that is just downright fun.

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